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What are people saying about Amanda's debut album, A Small Miracle?

"Beautiful. Played with precision and heart. Well done!" -ITUNES review

"It is very peaceful -- good Sabbath and study music. I really enjoyed the whole album. Portraits gave me goosebumps, and More reminded me of my dad singing that song around the house when I was growing up. Only sad part was it was over! You should do more!" - a Spotify listener's review via Facebook message

"A thoughtful collection of peaceful and meditative piano songs to lift the spirit and relax the mind. The selection of the theme from Mondo Cane gives an idea the depth of musical knowledge the young Amanda Dangerfield draws from. A beautiful recording." - Google Play review

"This is a wonderful selection of charming, uplifting tunes, both new delights and beloved past hits! It's a great change from so much of the drivel we hear these days and beautifully executed. Puts you in a different world!" - Amazon Music review


*More information on the music streaming platforms: Napster and Tidal pay artists the most (about 1.9 and 1.2 cents per play), followed by Apple Music, then (Google Play, Deezer, Spotify (less than half a cent per play), Amazon Music, and Pandora. Amanda's music also is on iHeartRADIO, and MediaNet.

The tracks on Amanda Dangerfield's debut album are all piano solos. Half are in the neoclassical genre (modern classical, contemporary classical music) or new age music. The other half have lyrics; and two of those are love songs from the 1960s or earlier, while the other is classic Sesame Street.

Also on the store page, besides MP3s and physical CDs, soon sheet music will be available for "So Many Things to See" (the piano solo Amanda wrote at age 14) and "A Small Miracle (age 18).

Check out Amanda's videos as well.